Ashoka Fellows en Colombia

Áreas de trabajo: Health

Sofia Sarasti responds to the need for more effective and widespread hunger relief in Colombia by working with food banks to improve the way they organize themselves and collect and distribute food.

Áreas de trabajo: Environment

Germán Sarmiento is a Colombian environmental lawyer who has widened the horizons of citizen defense with regard to environmental and public space rights.

Áreas de trabajo: Civic Engagement

By helping Colombia's business sector to understand how its own practices are related to the underlying causes of violence in the country, Daniel Suárez is bringing business leaders into the process of building a lasting peace.

Áreas de trabajo: Civic Engagement

In order to break the cycle of violence, incarceration, continued violence, and recidivism in Colombia, José David Toro is creating "Peace Laboratories" in prisons that prepare inmates for life outside, coupled with businesses that provide work opportunities and crucial, positive contact with society.

Áreas de trabajo: Learning/Education

Adelaida Trujillo is introducing high quality educational television programming for children in Colombia.

Áreas de trabajo: Civic Engagement

Albeiro Vargas is improving societal treatment of the elderly and creating a model for strong intergenerational relations in Colombia through a program that brings children more closely and more regularly into the lives of older people.